Query Builder v1.2

Query Builder is a simple Postgres SQL client that allows you to do introductory searches to our public databases.

This interface also provides the ability for users to export the results of their queries for processing in their own statistical tools.


An EC2 Instance AMI has been created on AWS for MIMIC users. This instance can be used only by MIMIC III approved users. For access to this machine, update your Physionet.org profile adding the Amazon ID or send an email to mimic-support@physionet.org with your Amazon Account ID (not email). Before sending the email make sure you have been credentialed to use MIMIC.

Once we add your Amazon Account ID to the AMI, then you will have access to this machine using your AWS account.

Information on how to get the AWS ID can be found here.

Issue Tracker

If you are experiencing issues when using Query Builder or if you have a suggestion for improvement, please raise an issue on our issue tracker.

To raise an issue, first navigate to the Query Builder Repository on GitHub or click here. After logging in to GitHub, click “New issue”, add a title and description of the problem, and then select the “Submit new issue” button.

MIMIC-III Critical Care Database

MIMIC-III (Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care III) is a large, freely-available database comprising deidentified health-related data associated with over forty thousand patients who stayed in critical care units of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center between 2001 and 2012.

The database includes information such as demographics, vital sign measurements made at the bedside (~1 data point per hour), laboratory test results, procedures, medications, caregiver notes, imaging reports, and mortality (both in and out of hospital).

MIMIC supports a diverse range of analytic studies spanning epidemiology, clinical decision-rule improvement, and electronic tool development. It is notable for three factors:

  • it is freely available to researchers worldwide
  • it encompasses a diverse and very large population of ICU patients
  • it contains high temporal resolution data including lab results, electronic documentation, and bedside monitor trends and waveforms.
Mimic Flow Chart